Money back


Should you return one or more items we will reimburse the costs of the item automatically. Depending on which kind of payment you chose you will be reimbursed as follows:



Your PayPal account will be credited with the amount. You can arrange with PayPal if the amount should remain on your PayPal account or be transferred back to your bank account. You can also leave notification messages for incoming and outgoing payments on PayPal.


Credit Card

Your credit card is credited with the amount. You will see the chargeback on your next credit card statement.



The credit note reduces the total of your invoice by the cost price of the item you have returned. You will only pay for the items you have kept. If you have already transferred the full amount of the invoice to our account we will transfer the cost price of the returned item to your account.


Payment in advance

In order to transfer the credit to your account we require your bank details and your IBAN and SEPA number. You can inform us of your bank details on the return slip or send us the information via email.


Please note

Express delivery: For returns we do not reimburse express deliveries.




Contact customer services for questions and further information


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