BANALE Replacement Mask Filter - Set of Two FFP2 with Valve

BANALE Replacement Mask Filter - Set of Two FFP2 with Valve

Replacement Mask Filter by BANALE with activated carbon ✔ Filters PM2.5 particulate matter, pollen & germs ✔ Recommended replacement every 30 days ✔

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Product information
Change mask filter in one minute
The BANALE replacement mask filter is made from a special non-woven fabric and activated carbon and complies with the European FFP2 standard. The exchange is quick and easy. Just pull the old filter from the mask and replace with a new filter. The whole process takes less than a minute.

Advantages of the BANALE replacement mask filter
  • Filters pollen, PM2.5 particulate matter, PM10 and germs
  • With activated carbon
  • Skin friendly and odourless materials
  • Replacement filter with vent
  • With regular use filter lasts 30 days
  • FFP2 standard
  • Refill pack contains 2 filters
  • Standard size

Protection from particulate matter and air pollution
A mask for pollution is only as good as its mask filter. Make sure to exchange filter every 30 days when you use the PM 2.5 mask daily. The valve makes this a perfect cycle mask filter and for other types of outdoor sports because it facilitates easy breathing. The BANALE mask can also assist with cold induced asthma and sport activities in winter as it keeps the breath warmer for longer.

The mask outer layer, with filter removed, is washable. If you use it for protection against allergies or asthma triggers then you can wash the outer part by following the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid contamination when exchanging the filter.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in ITALY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 6,5 x 11 x 4 cm
protection level particles: FFP2
Weight: 50 g
exhalation valve: ja
filter material: Aktivkohle, Polypropylen
Activated carbon: ja

activated charcoal from coconut shells, Filz, polyester, polypropylene
Property Value
Atemschutz Maskentyp Partikel- & Geruchsfilter Maske
Filterzweck Bakterien, Feinstaub, Gräser, Hausstaub, Partikel, Pollen, Tierhaare & Haare
Einsatzbereich Allergie, Fahrrad, Sport & Training, Müllsortierung, Smog & Feinstaub, Ställe & Haustierumgebung, Unterwegs & Reise
Keine Filterung von Chemikalien, Gefahrstoffen, Viren, VOC o. Lösungsmittel
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