eWall Mobile Phone Bag Young Line XL With Carabiner

Protect yourself against electromagnetic waves with the eWall mobile phone bag!

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Product information
The eWall mobile phone bags are available in various designs, but they all have something in common: their shielding effect against electromagnetic waves.

In addition to this important factor, the eWall bag offers further benefits:
It protects your mobile phone from getting scratched and it stays "new" longer.

The eWall XL mobile phone bag is especially recommended for Smartphones such as iphones, Blackberrys and ipods - suitable for phones up to 15cm in circumference and 11,5 cm long. The Young Line XL mobile phone bag with the practical carabiner in brilliant black is an optical highlight!

The eWall products are useful gifts for your friends and the entire family - protect yourself and your loved ones from electromagnetic waves!

Operational Features:
Radiation protection when wearing the mobile phone:
By placing your mobile phone in the outer pocket of the eWall bag and then into your handbag, your jacket or your trousers, you are reducing the radiation of the mobile phone on your body many times over – and you can still be reached on your mobile phone.

Health protection when telephoning:
When telephoning put your mobile, still in the eWall bag, to your ear (increase volume, if required). Due to the one-sided shielding towards the side of the body, the exposure to the head area is reduced. The functions of the mobile phone remain almost unaffected. Slip, slide or turnable mobile phones must be briefly removed from the outer pocket when accepting a phone call. During the conversation the mobile phone is replaced inside the outer pocket; the display should be facing you, as usual.

No undesired phone calls:
Simply place your mobile phone inside the large eWall bag, whether at work or during your free time. Fold it down and securely seal it with the rubber band – after 30 seconds you will no longer be available. However, due to the extremely high radiation values when in the close vicinity of radio towers (<100 metres), the possibility of reception activities was ascertained in isolated cases, despite a thorough sealing of the mobile phone bag. This is not caused by a defect of the product. In these cases you should remove your mobile phone from the eWall mobile phone bag after 30 seconds, you will determine a clear reduction of the reception on the display of your mobile. Approx. 20 seconds after removing the phone, full reception will return. The inconvenient entering of the PIN code is no longer necessary. Please treat the eWall mobile phone bag with care. You can brush the eWall bag (damp) or wash it by hand at a maximum of 30° C.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 15 x 8 cm

cotton, polyester, silver thread
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