Cancellation & Return Policy

You have the right to cancel within 30 days of placing your order. The cancellation period starts with the day that the order has been received by you, or by someone else you have nominated to receive the order on your behalf such as a neighbour, and who is not from the delivery service.

In order to exert you right of cancellation you have to inform us of your intention to cancel the order by means of an unambiguous declaration. You can do this by writing to PureNature GmbH, 324/326 Regent Street - Office 404, 4th Floor GB W1B 3HH London via letter, fax or email. You can use the cancellation form which is added to your order but this is not compulsory. For keeping to the terms it is sufficient to send a cancellation notification within the 30 days.


Consequences of the cancellation

If you cancel this contract we have to reimburse you for all costs including delivery charges (with the exception of additional fees charged for non-standard delivery services), payable immediately and at latest 30 days from the day that we received the notification of cancellation of the contract. For this refund we will choose the same means of payment that you have used to pay us, unless something different is agreed upon; on no account we will charge any additional fees.

You only have to pay for a loss in value if the goods have been damaged as a result of a handling other than that to test the condition, character and functionality of the goods.

a) For goods that can be returned by post the following applies:

We can refuse repayment until we have received the goods or you can provide proof of postage, whatever comes first. We will make a refund within 30 days of receipt of the returned goods.

You have to return the goods within the 30 days from the day you have notified us of the cancellation of contract. For keeping to the terms it is sufficient to send the goods within the 30 days.

PureNature will bear the costs of return.

b) For goods that cannot be returned by post, such as very large items that require
haulage for transport (items of that kind are marked in the catalogue accordingly), the following applies:

We will collect the goods. You will pay the direct costs of the returning of the goods. The amount is determined by size and weight of the item, the numbers of items as well as the distance of transport.


Special instructions

If you finance the contract by a loan and you cancel it later you are no longer bound by the loan contract should both contracts form a commercial unit. This is especially applicable when we are also your loan provider or if your loan provider required our participation for the financing.

If the loan payment has already been received by us at the time of your cancellation or return of the goods, your loan provider shall succeed to our rights and obligations in relation to you under the finance agreement in respect of the legal consequences of the cancellation or returning of goods. The latter shall not apply if the present agreement involves the acquisition of financial instruments (e.g. bonds, foreign exchanges or derivatives).

If you wish to avoid a contractual obligation as much as possible, cancel both agreements separately.


Exception of the right of cancellation

There are legal exceptions to the right to cancel whereby we reserve the right to refer to the following regulations: a right to cancel does not exist for the delivery of goods which are not prefabricated and for those which have been produced according to an individual selection or for which the specifications by the customer was decisive or which are tailored to the needs of the consumer, as well as for contracts regarding the delivery of perishable goods which can spoil quickly or have a short use by date.

A right of cancellation can lapse for sealed goods which for health and safety reasons or hygiene are not suitable to be returned, if the seal has been broken after delivery, respectively the packaging has been opened and / or the goods have been used.


Sample Cancellation Form

(If you would like to cancel the contract then please fill in this Form and send it back to us.)

-To: Pure Nature Products Versand GmbH, Zur Rothheck 14, 55743 Idar - Oberstein, Germany,

- I / we (*) hereby cancel the contract concluded by me / us (*) for the purchase of the following goods (*) / the performance of services (*)

-ordered at (*)/received at (*)

- Name of the customer(s)

- Address of the customer(s)

- Signature of the customer(s) (only applicable for paper copies)

- Date

(*)delete as applicable.