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Allergy Filter

Are you suffering from one of the allergies or intolerances listed below?

Then let the PureNature allergy filter put together an individual shop just for you! Just click on one or more keywords and the filter is activated. Now when you shop you will only find products that are compatible and healthy for you. You can delete the data you entered by clicking the preceeding X.

If you are not searching for useful products for a particular illness, but  would rather prefer to avoid certain ingredients (for example in particular foods), please use thePureNature tolerance filter.


 Unique:  The PureNature Allergy Filter

We at PureNature have come up with a very special idea to make your shopping easier and safer. A range of products suited to your personal needs!

If you would like us to put a personal shop together for you, just activate the PureNature allergy filter before starting your shopping. Click on the relevant allergies or intolerances. These will then show up under - Allergies selected - and you will see that the allergy filter has turned on.

If you now enter the shop, you can choose from an extensive product range for all areas of daily life, which has been put together in collaboration with experts and affected people. No products will be shown that are not suitable for you according to your filter entries. You will only find high-quality, environmentally friendly name brands that will positively influence your health and help you avoid allergens as well as toxins.

To choose from our full product range, for example because you would like to buy for other family members, too, just click the allergy filter "off" and continue to shop. You can reactivate the filter or change your entries any time by clicking allergy filter "on". You can also save your options when you are logged in at My PureNature.

Note: This filter is designed to offer you a pre-selection - it cannot replace a personal tolerance test. We assume no liability.

For personal advice please contact us:
Telefon: 0800-1217330