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PureNature Shea Butter Face Cream and Body Moisturiser unscented

PureNature Shea Butter Face Cream for hair & skin care. Pure natural product available in 60ml & 120ml jar ✔ Suitable for homemade cosmetics ✔
Made in Germany


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Pamper and nourish your skin and hair
The PureNature Shea Butter Face Cream and Body Moisturiser has many applications. The natural body butter is a product made from the African Shea tree and has been used for centuries as a natural skin care to achieve smooth skin and shiny hair. The valuable PureNature Shea butter is extracted from the Shea tree nuts. Moisturising, replenishing, soothing and skin relaxing are only some of the properties of Shea Butter which contribute to its popularity.

You can use PureNature Shea Butter Face Cream and Body Moisturiser straight from the jar or to make your own skin care cosmetics. PureNature Shea Butter is without additives and fragrances and is suitable for people with allergies. Available in 60ml and 120ml jars, protected from light by brown glass.

PureNature Shea Butter Face Cream and Body Moisturiser

  • Available in 60ml and 120ml
  • Skin, face and hair care product
  • Without preservatives and additives
  • Protected from light in a brown jar
  • With natural vitamin E and allantoin
  • Fragrance free, vegan

A rich moisturiser for sensitive face skin
Shea butter contains large quantities of moisture and 50% fat, vitamins and allantoin. African women use this natural product to protect the skin of face and neck with Shea Butter Face Cream from the intensive sun and dry skin. Allantoin and moisturising fatty acids soothe and regenerate dry, flaky and stressed skin. The rich moisturiser is the perfect sensitive skin cream which protects the face from dry, cold or too hot air all-year-round.

Tip: How to apply Shea Butter Face Cream to your face If you warm the Shea Butter in your hands and rub it gently between your palms the natural product takes on a soft, creamy consistency. The melting temperature of the natural body butter is reached at 28-32°C.

Take care of your hair with Shea butter conditioner
Shea butter is a great hair care product as it nourishes and leaves a smooth, waxy coating on hair. Extend your range of home-made cosmetics with a natural conditioner.

The recipe for Shea butter conditioner is quick and easy:
All you need is two ingredients and a container for the finished conditioner.

  • 2 level tablespoons of PureNature Shea butter
  • 4 tablespoons of lukewarm water

Mix in a beaker with a blender until it reaches a creamy consistency. That's all. Your home-made Shea butter intensive hair care conditioner is ready to use. Give your hair back its natural shine and moisturise it with PureNature Shea butter.

  • butyrospermum parkii (shea butter)
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