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Your benefits at PureNature

Competent Advice

PureNature employees are competent, skilled experts that you can trust. Personal, professional advice is not only a must, but a promise at PureNature!

Special service for people with allergies

PureNature offers exact declarations and various filter possibilites for people suffering from allergies. For example, the allergy filter, the tolerance filter and the food filter. For a safe avoidance of allergens in internet.

A special shopping experience

You can find products at PureNature that are not available anywhere else. In addition, we offer a pre-selection of compatible products for people with allergies.

Extensive product testing

Extensive product testing in cooperation with clinics, doctors and volunteers provide you with a safe feeling.

CO2-neutral shipping

In cooperation with DHL, your parcel will be sent to you CO2 neutral - at no extra charge for you! In this way you are making a personal contribution to climate protection projects worldwide.

Quality and sustainability

The products at PureNature are certified through recognized ecological standards. For example, the organic label, FSC label, Fair Trade certification, as well as testing by reputable magazines provide objective quality standards.

Valuable information

You won't only find products in our online shop, but also valuable information all about health and allergies. An allergy form, a blog, allergy news and much more are waiting for you.

Prompt delivery

We deliver fast and safe to your home or any other preferred address Europe-wide.

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PureNature GmbH

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Orderline: Monday - Friday (8 am - 5 pm)

E-Mail: info@purenature24.co.uk


E-Mail: info@purenature24.co.uk

Hotline:  Monday - Friday (8 am - 5 pm)

Welcome to PureNature!

Dear Customer,

Health, vitality and well-being are the most important contributors to a carefree life.
What brings you closer to this ideal than products directly from Mother Nature?

The PureNature website offers all of this and more.

Our wide range of non-toxic and non-irritant products for every aspect of living are manufactured especially for people suffering from allergies.

Confidence plays a major role when buying, and you can be sure that all products from PureNature have been carefully examined according to very strict criteria.

For your health!

Thanks to allergy tips, relevant information, precise ingredient details, samples and last but not least our allergy and tolerance
filters, shopping has become safe and easy for people suffering from allergies.

Our reliable delivery service, expert advice and our sale or return policy make shopping at PureNature a pleasant and stress-free experience.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our shop and discovering new products.

Best regards,

CEO Klaus Mueller

The PureNature Story

The Beginning

PureNature was founded in 1996 after the founder's sister suffered from severe allergies and became very ill with chemical sensitivity. Her life was only bearable under environmentally controlled conditions with water and air filters in an allergen-free environment. Many everyday products such as cleaners and cosmetics, filters, and more had to be purchased in the United States, since the European market did not cater to those needs. In the course of time, people suffering with allergies from all over Germany began to get in touch, asking for these specially made products for allergy sufferers. Finally, the company PureNature was founded and the very first catalogue consisting of eight pages with basic products was printed.

PureNature has established itself as a supplier of special products for people with allergies. Today our range includes over 1500 products for people who suffer from allergies, atopic dermatitis, chemical sensitivity, or food intolerances. PureNature offers an extensive catalogue and an information board on the internet for medical doctors and patients. In cooperation with experts, doctors and specialised clinics, PureNature competently advises and professionally serves people suffering from allergies.

Our Products
Products are chosen according to certain criteria (including allergy potential, preferably organic cultivation, scientifically recognised effect, etc.). PureNature employees (some of whom suffer from allergies), volunteers, and last but not least clinics and doctors test the products for their compatibility. In addition, PureNature has developed its own products together with other professionals using strict criteria, such as our PureNature liquid detergent.

Our staff regularly visit clinics and conferences in Europe and the United States and is familiar with the latest developments in allergy and environmental medicine. Our in-house library includes German and American literature as well as scientific studies on health issues such as allergies, chemical sensitivity, food intolerance, electrical sensitivity, environmental health and more.
PureNature has joined the Afgis association which is a coalition of organisations, companies, associations and individuals that feel obliged to assure quality health information. That’s why personal, professional advice is not only a must but a promise at PureNature!

PureNature is actively involved in improving the situation for people suffering from allergies in Europe. We support conventions, self-help groups, and environmental organisations, and promote the exchange of ideas between scientists who have concerned themselves with allergy sufferers and environmentally-ill people for years. CEO Klaus Mueller, together with Prof. Dr. Doris Rapp, initiated an exchange of information between various environmental clinics in Europe.

Our Philosophy
PureNature offers you everything for a healthy life without allergies.