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Klar Dishwashing Liquid Sensitive

Klar Dishwashing Liquid smells neutral and is kind to your skin. Strongly recommended for people with sensitive skin or suffering from allergies. Cleans your dishes without leaving residue. Practical 1.5 liter bottle.
Made in Germany

Product no: 10903

1500 ml (3.00 £/L)

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It is now easier to wash dishes by hand with the new Klar fragrance-free dish detergent. Contains only selected skin-friendly ingredients without preservatives, fragrances or dyes. Klar dishwashing liquid is powerful in the kitchen and may be used as an all-around cleaner (fat-solvent) in the entire household.

  • Aqua
  • lauryl polyglucose
  • fatty alcohol sulfates C12-14 sodium salt
  • alcohol
  • sodium chloride
  • glycerin
  • lactic acid
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