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Kaiser Natron Baking Soda (10 x 250 grams)

The unbelieveably infinite number of uses for Kaiser Natron Baking Soda can be read about in the included product information.
Made in Germany

Product no: 10201

2.5 kg (7.81 £/kgs)

RRP: 21.03 £



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You will be amazed!
It may be used as baking powder, for dental care, as a cleaning agent, odour absorber, fabric softener, deodorant and stimulates your blood circulation when added to a bath, etc. Helps insect bites and is ideal for cooking. Baking soda softens hard water.
It is mildly alkaline and can therefore be used internally. A multi-talent!
Kaiser Natron baking soda binds and neutralizes odours in the refrigerator, garbage bin, car and in your clothing.

  • sodium bicarbonate
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